Quinta da Vineadouro: a novelty with 250 years of history

Vineadouro Boutique Wines, Lda. is a new wine company that has just launched its very limited production (around 3,000 bottles), motivated by the recovery of ancient aromas and flavours of Douro Superior wines, according to principles that respect the vision of its predecessors, the estate’s viticulture and the region’s history.

However, the origins of this project date back to the 18th century, when the Moutinho family settled in Numão, in the municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, taking the first step so that, over 250 years later, wines with an identity and sense of place finally reach the market. With minimalist winemaking, the motto of the oenology team, led by Professor Virgílio Loureiro, is to have “healthy, well-ripened and balanced grapes”, to use spontaneous yeasts, to use the minimum of oenological additives and to let the wine ferment naturally.

The grapes come from a secular farm with unique characteristics in the Douro Superior region. The property totals 140 hectares, of which only around four are planted with vines divided into various plots, and the “Coitadinha” plot is the ex-libris of the project: a century-old vineyard, planted in terraces, with the grape varieties mixed in a typical Douro field blend.

This is the story of a family that has taken on the role of guardian of this legacy that has spanned several generations, with the values and passion they have for the region, safeguarding its preservation and sustainability. The project led to the beginning of the recovery of all the rustic buildings on the estate, as well as the requalification of all the exterior space that includes vineyards, olive groves, almond trees and forest.

Wine tourism is a very relevant part of the project, with various immersion experiences available, associated with the celebration of the wine culture, for the visitor to feel the authenticity and tranquillity of a unique location in the heart of the Upper Douro. It is also possible to request totally personalized experiences where creativity is the limit.
In the future, the Wine Hotel of Quinta da Vineadouro will be born, in a rural chic style and with a focus on sustainability, consisting of 8 suites plus 12 bungalows with a view of the Catapereiro dam reservoir.