The story of a family who found in Numão the ideal place to settle down and build their life project in a love relationship for the region that has lasted for over 250 years.
Quinta da Vineadouro is a secular property of unique characteristics in the Upper Douro region. Located between the historic Castelo de Numão and the sublimated Douro of Miguel Torga is a space of tranquility and stunning scenery. In this idyllic setting we can enjoy unique and unforgettable experiences associated with the celebration of the wine culture.

Belonging to the same family since the 18th century, the current heirs, relatives and descendants: Cristina, Carlos, Teresa, Joana, Filipa, Inês and Diogo represent two of the generations associated with the destinies of this estate. Since 2014, the family’s passion and dedication have led to the restoration of all the farm’s rustic buildings, as well as the requalification of the entire outdoor space, which includes vineyards, olive groves, almond trees and forest.

Thus is born the VINEADOURO project, whose etymology comes from the Latin “vinea” meaning vine or planting of vines with connection to the proven Roman presence in the property and in the region of Numão and the use of the word “douro” that can be interpreted, on the one hand, with the obvious connection to the Douro region and, on the other hand, as referring to something valuable, precious, with history, exclusive, excellent, waiting to be discovered.

Come and discover this sublimated Douro!


More than 250 years of family history and its presence in Numão


1764 | Numão

The Moutinho family settles in Numão, later joining the Gouveia family and giving rise to the Moutinho de Gouveia line of descent.

1806 | Monteiro Cabral

Francisco José Monteiro Cabral, nobleman of the Royal House, with the letter of arms of the noble families of Monteiro and Cabraes issued in 1806, was the 5th grandfather of the current owners.


1845 | Moutinho de Gouveia

Luiz Pedro Moutinho de Gouveia was born in Numão, the great-grandfather of the current owners. A magistrate, he became Crown and Treasury Attorney in India in 1882. When he entered the metropolis he was already the owner of much farmland in the region.

1889 | Farmer

João Moutinho de Gouveia was born, son of Luiz Pedro Moutinho de Gouveia, a renowned doctor and collector. He plays an important role in the region as a doctor, farmer and winegrower. With him wine production begins on the estate.


1890 | Manor House of Numão

The expansion of the manor house in Numão, where Luiz Pedro Moutinho de Gouveia lived with his family and descendants, is now complete. In this manor house, classified as architectural heritage, there are numerous pieces of furniture from India and all the family's collections.

1919 | Union

The grandfather of the current owners, António Júlio Correia de Lacerda, Francisco José Monteiro Cabral’s great-great-grandson, married Luiz Pedro Moutinho de Gouveia’s daughter, Laura dos Prazeres, thus uniting the two branches of the family.


1928 | Legacy

Carlos Manuel Correia de Lacerda, father of the current owners, was born in Numão. Engineer by profession, he lives in numerous places, Porto, Coimbra, Lisbon and Luanda. However, Numão never left his mind, leaving the farm and all his passion for the region as a legacy.

2014 | Mission

The current owners’ mission is to preserve the entire secular farm, revealing its history and culture, as well as the tranquillity and beauty of the place, safeguarding the sustainability of the ecosystem and contributing to the transmission of this legacy to future generations.


2018 | Rustic Houses

A project has begun to restore all the rustic buildings and upgrade the exterior spaces of the Quinta, making it the ideal place for wine tourism experiences.

2019 | Vineadouro

The brand VINEADOURO was born, whose etymology comes from the Latin “vinea” and the word “douro”, which refers to something valuable, precious, with history, exclusive, excellent, waiting to be discovered.


2020 | Wines

Wine production based on recovering the ancient aromas and flavours of the Upper Douro wines, which had already been started by João Moutinho de Gouveia, is resumed, launching the first wines under the VINEADOURO brand.