Vineadouro Clarete

This is a tribute to ancient viticulture and oenology, where red, white and pink grape varieties were planted, picked and vinified together. It evokes medieval aromas and flavours, which still persist in some villages of the Upper Douro, such as Numão.

Blend of grape varieties Síria, Rabigato, Bastardo, Rufete, Casculho and Marufo. Natural clarification, ageing in stainless steel vats and light filtration before bottling.


Vintage 2021
Silver Medal – “Vinhos de Portugal” Contest 2023

Vintage 2019 “Press Choice” Award – “Grandes Escolhas” Contest 2021

Tasting Notes

A claret wine that tastes better than it smells, with an attractive aroma due to its freshness and vivacity, an intense flavour in which firm acidity, a medium volume in the mouth and enough astringency to confer a surprising elegance to the whole stand out.


Serve at 12ºC. The ancients enjoyed this type of wine at snack time, with slices of ham, half-aged Terrincho cheese or small sardine and fried small mackerel with corn bread. It’s worth trying, preferably during a picnic by the Douro.