Quinta da Vineadouro Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Quinta da Vineadouro’s olive oil is extracted from olives from the Douro Superior valleys, where the freshness of the river meets the heat of the hillsides, producing intense aromas and a diversity of flavours in perfect harmony.

It is a blend of Verdeal Transmontana, Madural Transmontana, Cobrançosa and Cordovil varieties. Superior quality olive oil obtained directly from olives, solely by mechanical processes.

Tasting Notes

Extra virgin olive oil, yellow-greenish colour, smell and fruity aroma, with notes of apple, tomato and almond, involved by the bitter and spicy sensation being the end long and persistent.


The bottles should be sheltered from air, light, heat and intense smells. Serve at a temperature between 15-18ºC. Goes well with meat, boiled and grilled fish, cod, vegetable salads, cod salads, orange salads, sauces, garlic toasts and soups.